A dominant figure in modern day burlesque in the U.K Zelda Saint-Wilde
has made a name for herself on the music scene with her 'rock burlesque' and 'alternative cabaret' acts, something she started back in 2004. Having performed at every band venue on the circuit she broke new ground treading many a stage (and bar floor) to audiences new to her style of entertainment. Bringing burlesque to many venues used to likes of live music of all kinds and not much else. At this time she was most known for fronting the rock burlesque troupe The Glitter Kittens. The show's are loved by male and female audiences alike, that's why it works, it's entertainment pure and simple, like it was back in the day. Something to distract you from day to day life and make you smile. Since then burlesque has boomed back into fashion and 'rock burlesque' has grown into it's own. 'We definitely created a scene back in the earlier years, venues were getting their own 'dancing girls' as were bands and such and a lot of troupe's started to pop up all over the U.K. It was good in the sense that it brought awareness to the artform. There are a lot of great acts in the U.K, some old and some new. Besides the more popular things become the more it makes you step up your game!' As a huge music lover Zelda's choreography and content crosses a wide range of style, the music can be anything from metal to jazz, from dance to blues.

'Music and dancing has always been my first love, I tought myself to dance and just was obsessed with music from a very early age. That's how I create my routines, I hear a song that inspires me and before I know it the movement starts to create itself, I have a sort of storyline in mind and go from there but it definitely always starts with the track. Zelda's shows combine modern alternative routines with more traditional burlesque - a style symbolised in the media by Dita Von Teese. 'I think you have to care about the past to recreate the future. The history and foundations of the artform are very important but that doesn't mean I wish to stay 'traditional'. I think it's important to carry things forward, it's how we develop, otherwise the world would never change. I have no interest in mimicking the likes of Bettie Page or Sally Rand, I would much rather be the first Zelda Saint-Wilde'.

With a background in theatre her professionalism and high standard of performance is something people mention about her time and time again. It's clear this isn't a phase or trend for her but simply part of her life and she has no intention of slowing down any time soon. "there is still a glamorous and classy vibe to the acts, just because it's alternative doesn't mean it's any less professional. There's still the things people assosiate with burlesque"